questions_answers Here are a few of the typical questions you may have about the band.

How many people travel with the band?

  • Typically it’s just the 5 of us arriving on your doorstep.  On a few rare occasions, our partners may join us so we could be up to 10.  We can usually let you know in advance if you need specifics.

Do you bring your own instruments, sound system and lights?

  • Yes.  We’ll make sure we have everything we need for our part of the show.

How much room does the band take up?

  • We are most comfortable on an stage area about 12ft x 24ft.   If needed, we have been able to squeeze down into about 8ft x 18ft.  Anything much less that this and we have to start stacking people LOL.   Sorry but we are 5 people plus drums, keyboard and 2 guitars.  This ain’t no one-man DJ operation.  Here’s a picture so you get a bit of an idea.

How long and what time does the band usually play?

  • Typically we play for a 4-hour dance.   This could be 9pm-1am, 8pm-12, 7:30-11:30 …  you get the idea.  During that timeframe, the band will take 2 x 20-25min breaks.  Having said all that, we’re very happy to work with you and the schedule of your event.  For example, we’ve played at many multi-band events where we simply get up and play a 1-hour set.

Do you provide any background music during those breaks?

  • Yes.  We will provide an mp3 player loaded with similar genre music to be played during any breaks to ensure continuous music for the entire evening

How long does it take to setup all of your equipment?

  • We will generally ask to have access to your venue at least 2.5 hours before the band is expected to start to play.   Load-in, setup and sound-check will take us about 2 hours, and this leaves us just enough time to get changed before hitting the stage.

Are you willing to play outside?

  • Certainly.  Please note however due to electrical safety issues with mics and instruments etc, the stage or platform area … a) must be raised off the ground (doesn’t have to be too high, but not on the grass or the dirt) and b) must be covered (some type of overhead roof covering)

How much ($$) does the band charge?

  • We found that a set price just doesn’t work for everyone or every event.  Please send us an email using the form on our Contact Page or directly to rob@therydells.com and we’ll be happy to discuss the details that work for everyone.